Friday, February 15, 2013

Tiffany Cook's Paris engagement to John Cook

This may be a bit of a sappy post, but after all, I am in the business of love and as my husband John says "how can you deliver if you don't believe?" 
John Cook &  Tiffany Cook
Three years ago today, John A Cook got down on one knee in the mud and asked me to be his wife. He blew me away and swept me off my feet with a romantic proposal in Paris in the Champs du Mars. I love you, Mr. Cook!

John Cook & Tiffany Cook engagement photo shoot by Martha Ramirez in Paris 
A year later, we went back to the exact spot for our engagement shoot by Martha Ramirez who provided us with such AMAZING photos (I think we spent the entire time lip locked) and AMAZING memories! 

TiffanyCook & John Cook Paris engagement shoot.

 Tiffany Cook enjoying a moment at the very spot where John proposed. Who says you can't go back in time?

Photography by: Martha Ramirez 
Thank you Martha &  Jesus for the beautiful photos that will bring us a lifetime of memories!