Saturday, July 24, 2010

Celebrity & Platinum Wedding Planner, Tiffany of Dream Design Weddings plans her own!

After my surprise engagement to my amazing fiance', John Cook in Paris this past February, it has been a whirlwind for me. Yes, ladies all the things that go through your minds indeed went through mine, where, how many guests, the gown, colors, menu, all went swirling through my head. Then it hit me, OMG I am a bride!!!

                                                                (right after he proposed)

Once we announced our engagement a surprising thing happened, all my brides no longer wanted to talk about their weddings, they wanted to know all about my wedding. From Facebook & Twitter, to emails, I have been receiving questions and comments about my planning details. So, it seems the best thing to do, is document my planning to enable you to see the steps of my very own planning process. Now, I can't give away all the details up front, but I will share many of the steps, my thoughts, and my juggling act between my planner hat and my bride hat. I will of course, share all of the design details, both photos and video, along with before and after pics on my blog. I hope you enjoy this very exciting journey with me, to my very own HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Next stop, wedding venue 101 and finding the perfect gown.

Happy planning....Tiffany