Friday, April 15, 2011

Celebrity / NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Nieves official name change to Tiffany Cook

Tiffany Cook and John Cook wedding photo
 It's official !! After my amazing wedding to an even more amazing man John Cook, I have changed my name. I will be using my new married name Tiffany Cook my new twitter is @TiffanyCookDDW and my new Facebook is Tiffany Cook (Dream Design) stay tuned for very exciting updates and announcements !! 
Tiffany Cook & husband John Cook, client Ameriie getting married to fiance' Lennie Nicholson
Pictured above Celebrity and Platinum Weddings Planner Tiffany Cook with her husband John Cook, Ameriie who is getting married later this year &  her fiance' Len Nicholson.