Monday, March 1, 2010

WE TV's Tiffany Nieves Platinum Weddings Thank You

WE TV's Platinum Weddings Planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook
I am excited to see my new episode of "Platinum Weddings" that airs tonight, the wedding of Cristina & Jorge. As a Platinum planner going on my 5th season with the show, what I enjoy the most is watching the trends that spin off of the episodes with today's brides. Although I  get most of the praise for my planning and design, I want to thank the behind the scenes people and vendors that I rely on heavily to make things run smoothly, and allow me to shine for my clients. Without these vendors even the most flawless of planning could not come to fruition, I truly believe I am only as good as my vendors and my team. So a HUGE thanks to all of you!

Jamie Lipman of the National Hotel (you are amazing to work with, and I look forward to many more) , my Dream Design Planning Team Bonnie Fanelli- Doeren (you are my right hand, you keep me in line, keep my sanity, with out you??), Elissa Schneider (you are blossoming into a great planner, keep up the good work) Martha Ramirez of UDS Photo (my left hand, worlds most amazing photographer, you truly capture images like no other, and you know the rest), Dream Design Décor team Katie Ray, Jerron Contratto, and Brandon Nieves (you are all amazing, able to leap tall buildings, fight strong winds, and make everything just the way I want it, while smiling through the changes), Ana DE CASTRO of AB Covers (you always come through for me with extraordinary linens thank you, even with my crazy requests), Jeff Rolfe of Zambelli Fireworks (no one lights up the sky for me the way you all do!), Gloria Pello (you are my make up guru, thank you for making me and my brides so beautiful!) Eduardo of Petunia Flowers (you did a wonderful job here) Last, but certainly not least the Filmgarden gang. You all are fantastic to work with; I am truly honored that you keep coming back season after season for more Platinum Tiffany style ;-). Susan Vargas (the show is still amazing, I am looking forward to season 10) Emily Ellis (you are the best, even through some crazy times you always find a way to laugh through it with me), Sandra Ruckdeschedl ( so glad you lightened up girl, you were a blast and I hope to work with you again. We sure laughed allot this time, as we should), Teall Harkey (thank you for keeping a straight face through some of my shock value comments, but mostly for making me beautiful on camera), Greg Miller (without you, no one would hear my ramblings, and thanks for letting me do my own tape ups…LOL)

On a personal note, I want to thank my amazing loving family for putting up with my sometimes crazy schedule. My kids Brandon and Bella, Mommy does this all for you, my future step kids Annie and Jackson, welcome to our world, I love all of you. To my fiancé' John, thank you for taking such good care of me and our family and making my life normal when it's not, I love you!