Monday, January 24, 2011

Three Dream Design grooms and a wind blown day of golf on Biscayne Bay

Saturday was a day of gown shopping for Kerri Nussbaum with Tiffany of Dream Design Weddings, her Mom Johnnie, and sister / MOH Michelle. Below a celebratory champagne victory toast with our lovely ladies as Kerri found her perfect wedding gown!

Michelle, Kerri, Johnnie

While Kerri spent the day shopping her fiance' and Dream Design groom, Matt Strube, was out for a grooms day of golfing. Although it was a blustery day and Matt hadn't taken out his clubs since September, thanks to the Maryland winter, the wind didn't affect him. Matt played a fantastic game and finished up the long 18th hole with a beautiful par! Dream Design groom Marty Booker (ex Pro Bowl WR), now a Florida resident was Mr. Par all day long!

Matt Strube, John Cook, Marty Booker

Ladies, we all know it is always about the bride, but at Dream Design the Groom also gets the VIP treatment!

Happy Planning....