Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" by Tiffany Cook

Looking back at Tiffany Cook's Platinum Weddings episodes

 Tiffany Cook (formerly Tiffany Nieves) is the Only wedding planner & designer that has
 been featured on every season of WE TV's hit show "Platinum Weddings" 

**Tiffany Cook Platinum Wedding factoid - Did you know that two of Tiffany's Platinum Weddings 
were planned & designed start to finish in only 8 weeks!! 
That's right both Liane & Danny and Lynda & Alex had only 
8 weeks from start to finish and both were being planned at the same time!! 

WE TV's Platinum Weddings episode by Tiffany Cook
Liane & Danny 
It’s hard to top a $250,000 engagement ring, but Liane & Danny 

do when they transform their own beachfront estate into an impressive 
wedding extravaganza with massive tents, spectacular lighting, and an acrylic 
dance floor over their swimming pool.
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Lynda and Alex Platinum Weddings
Tiffany Cook We TV's Platinum Weddings Episode Lynda & Alex
 Lynda & Alex 

This Miami Beach wedding, held at the exclusive Loews Hotel, 

rolls four party themes into one amazing reception!

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Meg and James Platinum Weddings
WE TV's Platinum Weddings Design Tiffany Cook's episode

Meg & James Fox

No wish is too extravagant for these blushing brides. Platinum Weddings brings you the 

breathtaking design and irresistible romance of these over the top weddings.

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Tiffany Cook Platinum Weddings Factoid - One of the food trends Tiffany brought to the 
wedding forefront is Wedding Comfort Food. Tiffany not only designs the wedding but 
she is responsible for menu design, I'm not talking about just the menu cards. 
Tiffany actually designs the food that is served at her clients wedding based on their 
food favorites. From Mac n Cheese, to Chicken N Waffles, and many more are now 
trendy due to several of Tiffany's Platinum Weddings episodes.

Cristina and Jorge Platinum Weddings
WE TV's Platinum Weddings Designer Tiffany Cook's season 4 episode

Cristina & Jorge

Two elements characterize the wedding of Cristina and Jorge – their Cuban heritage and perfectly executed pops of color. 
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***Tiffany Cook Platinum Weddings Factoid - Did you know that Tiffany's episode for 
Vanessa & Jose was the first wedding ever shot for the hit series? That's right, in fact 
much of the series was filmed based on Tiffany's signature planning style...
Sample centerpieces, Tiffany's signature "room reveal" which is now done by planners 
across the country. Additionally, dessert tapas, wedding lounge, 
the after party, tablescape, after party bite such as mini sliders etc, 
and did someone say BLING? These are just a few of the wedding trends 
that Tiffany is responsible for starting. 

Vanessa and Jose Platinum Weddings
WE TV's Platinum Weddings Planner & Designer Tiffany Cook's
episode was the first show ever shot for the hit series

Vanessa & Jose
At Vanessa and Jose’s wedding, the bride’s childhood dream—a reception at the historic 
Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida— comes true.
WE TV's Platinum Weddings Designer Tiffany Cook 
Tiffany Cook episodes of WE TV's Platinum Weddings