Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wedding review of Tiffany Cook by Dominique & Dawan Landry

Dominique & Dawan Landry wedding review of Tiffany Cook 
 Wedding Planner & Designer

When I think about the planning experience and of my wedding night, I am genuinely at a loss for words. I pride myself on being a practical, non-romantic, type of girl yet somehow when I scan my mind for the best descriptors for this night, the most accurate account would be that this was a literal fairytale, filled with all the merriment and fanciful delight typically associated. 

It more than met my standards and expectations, it met my dreams. To step out of the limo and to be enveloped by the love of those closest to us in a space as beautiful as this, to walk down a rose covered aisle to the love of my life awaiting me with a huge smile, to stand under the flowers, stars, and…chandeliers pledging our vows of love and lifetime to each other and the Lord was everything I could ever hope for. 

Tiffany’s design of the reception space was equally astounding and beyond what I could have personally imagined. The intricacy of the details and the perfection of the design made us feel not only special but heard, which I think from a client standpoint is what I appreciated most. This did not feel like a cookie cutter wedding, this felt like us- a wonderful representation of our love and years of partnership.  

As one guest asked us to get married every year because this was “the best night of his life” and another mentioning he walked into our wedding and felt like “he made it”, our stomach ached from laughter and our hearts smiled with joy.  I too echoed their sentiments, “we made it to the best night of our lives.”  As I reflect on and relive this night, I am just so thankful for all the work of Tiffany Cook and her Dream team and am honored to have been a client.

Dominique & Dawan Landry