Monday, September 16, 2013

NFL TE Jared Cook & his wife Lana's wedding review of Tiffany Cook

Lana & husband NFL Rams TE Jared Cook 
wedding review for Tiffany Cook
 Celebrity Wedding Designer & Planner 

Tiffany Cook and her team are hands down amazing!  

I had so many things going on and there was no way that I could plan our wedding alone. So I reached out to Tiffany about three months before our wedding and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I say her and her team made my dreams come true I mean I still feel like I'm dreaming! Every time I look at pictures of our wedding tears come to my eyes because it was so beautiful. 

Words cant express how much I appreciate and admire Tiffany. She is extremely professional and pays attention to detail like no one I've ever met.  I have a semi type A personality and it was extremely hard for me to allow someone to plan our special day for us...but Tiffany understood me and my vision and went above and beyond. She included me in every decision and made me feel like I planned our day when Lord knows she did all the hard work.  

For her and her team to be able to pull off my dream wedding in such a short period of time shows how amazing she is. It feels weird not talking to Tiffany everyday because I really feel like she was not only my planner but a great friend. She's such a sweet, understanding, caring, thoughtful person. I really feel like anyone who doesn't hire Tiffany and her dream team are selling themselves short. She made every single one of my dreams come true and then some. I still get calls and texts about how beautiful my wedding was and how they have never seen a wedding as amazing as 
mine not even onTV. 

 I can't say it enough TIFFANY IS AMAZING!  

Lana & Jared Cook