Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Newest Housewife Porsha Stewart's Heartfelt Wedding Review of Tiffany Cook Wedding Planning

 Porsha Stewart's Wedding Review of Tiffany Cook
 Atlanta's Celebrity Wedding Planner

My experience during wedding planning & design with Tiffany Nieves-Cook 
now Tiffany Cook was so enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I have always heard horror stories about planning so I was expecting to have to do it all myself even with a planner. However, with Tiffany the process was just the opposite. I had no Idea the direction I wanted to go in with decor, all I knew is I wanted fabulous and over the top luxury. After one meeting with Tiffany she completely captured my wedding dreams. Tiffany and her Dream team created a fairytale wedding better than I ever dreamed. From beginning to end she was hands on with all my planning needs and unexpectedly enough, my emotional needs as well. Tiffany made sure I didn’t have a worry. My only job was to enjoy the planning process and be a bride, and know this was a once in a lifetime chance to be a princess and marry my prince charming.

The day of my wedding was so relaxing, yes I said relaxing. Tiffany and her  team catered to my every need, I was treated like a queen. The Glam squad was very professional and super fun I will forever use them for every event.

When Tiffany showed Kordell and I the room for the big reveal I was Floored! All of my emotions were summed up in one tear because Tiffany Cook had made my dreams come true with extra bling on top instead of a cherry. My reception room was fabulous the colors and lighting we chose and design of the space was absolutely perfect for making my husband and I center of attention. The Wedding Bling factor was in full effect, it seemed like the room was showered in diamonds and beautiful plush fabrics, with elegant modern touches throughout.

My husband Kordell and I loved how every part of our wedding was executed and are quick to refer anyone who wants to get married to Tiffany Cook.  

Thank you Tiffany & the Dream team!!  

Porsha Stewart Kordell Stewart