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Luxury Shoe Designer Nicole Miller and the story behind "The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World" Adriano Diamante

There are a few times in your life that you meet someone truly inspiring, a vibrant force who's creativity and passion for life are remarkable. This was my experience when I met Nicole Miller the CEO and designer of the Luxury Shoe Line Adriano Diamante a few years ago.

I recently sat down with Nicole Miller over High Tea for an interview. I wanted to share the story of the shoes recently dubbed "The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World" by Life & Style Magazine, the woman behind the beauty and celebrate her new Bridal Collection.

Nicole Miller Luxury Shoe Designer & CEO of Adriano Diamante

What was your motivation behind Adriano Diamante
It’s actually quite simple, Diamante started due to the desire to have something I couldn’t find. Early in 2011 I had an event to attend. I knew I wanted a blue shoe with an insane bling factor. After days and days of searching for what I wanted with no luck, I decided to design my own. I was raised to be a problem solver, if you can’t find it, make it! I designed and created my first prototype of the “British Beauty” pump a few days later.  I officially launched Adriano Diamante in Oct 2011, at the time I only had about 8 designs.

Adriano Diamante recently dubbed "The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World" by
Life & Style Magazine 

What does the name Adriano Diamante mean?

Being my name was already taken by an Amazing Designer, it gave me a chance to create an alter ego per say. I wanted the name to reflect the imagery I was creating with shoes. In Italy the name Adriano means the beauty of the city of Hadria; an amazing city in Central Italy. Diamante is anything that sparkles with embellishment. So Adriano Diamante means the “Beauty of Sparkle”

What inspires your designs?
Anything that evokes emotion can inspire me to design a shoe. If I see a color on leaf that makes me happy, I will see a new design. If I see a movie that makes me sad, I will see a new design. Honestly everything around me inspires me to create something new. When I have a client that I am designing something specific to compliment a dress or event, I immediately ask for pictures; visuals help me get a feeling for what I am going to design. Designing is just creating art, which is why I call myself a shoe artist. Art is inspired by emotions, so are Adriano Diamante shoes. 

Another stunning Adriano Diamante creation by Luxury Shoe Designer Nicole Miller

How did Adriano Diamante become so popular so fast?

Before designing shoes I was and still am the editor of a very popular men’s magazine that showcases the most beautiful and popular models. So when I had new designs I would let the girls use the shoes for their photo shoots. Then girls would place orders at the shoots. Between the shoots and social networking word just spread. Girls loved the shoes and the fact I could tailor the shoes to their specific outfit. What I was creating was unique and beautiful. PLUS its Swarovski, so I didn’t really need much help to make them popular; just a platform to showcase them. 

Any Major Celebrities?
70% of Adriano Diamante orders are placed from out of the country. UAE, UK and Australia are actually my biggest market.  Honestly, I just design shoes when they are ordered; I don’t keep up with who it is. Of course if I got an order from like Julia Roberts, I would remember that, but I have designed shoes for a CEO of a pharmaceutical company to British pop stars. Anyone who wears Adriano Diamante in my eyes is considered a major celebrity. 

How did the bridal collection come about?
It wasn’t something I thought about when initially building Adriano Diamante. But when I started getting orders from women for their weddings, it actually made perfect sense. A Swarovski covered shoe that was 100% customizable, obviously the bridal market would come knocking; and so I answered! It’s funny because my bridal pieces are my absolute favorite to do! The fact that women wear my designs on their feet for the most important WALK of their life makes me so much more creative and personal with the design process. Eventually I just created a full bridal range that includes a fully covered blue Swarovski sole; which my brides love!

Can you say "Wedding Bling" Adriano Diamante launches a stunning Bridal Shoe Collection by Luxury Shoe Designer Nicole Miller

You were featured in Life & Style Magazine Celebrity Trends, How did that happen and what has the response been?

It was easy actually. I received an email from their marketing department saying they LOVED my work and the visuals from my product shots. They asked me if I’d be interested in a mention; and of course I said yes! What’s so funny about the response is I was a little nervous when I saw they were going to quote Adriano Diamante as “The Most Beautiful Shoes in the World”.  Usually when making such a statement you create such hype that people over expect perfection! However after they said it, I have received countless email after email saying my shoes are spectacular, and a lot of women refer to them as dreams. 
I’m happy people visually enjoy what I create. 

Tell me about your dress collection

Just my way of finding another solution to a problem I observed in the dress market. I often work with dress designers when designing shoes for a specific client. I noticed how a lot of dress designers will create these beautiful patterns to flatter a women’s shape, HOWEVER the only shape the pattern flatters is one similar to the mannequin. I immediately addressed the situation. Lol. Just like Adriano Diamante shoes the Adriano Diamante dresses come with “Exactofit”.  Getting a dress tailored we often just think of the fabric, but no designer addresses customizing the actual print. A lot of the prints are designed to lay at a certain curve or angle to enhance the figure. But if you are not Mannequin built the pattern won’t flatter your curves the same. So Adriano Diamante dress prints are actually hand drawn to your exact measurements before printed on the fabric, so regardless of weight or height, the print will hit you in all the right spots to give you the perfect hourglass shape!

What’s next and any advice to inspire future entrepreneurs?
My Goal is to keep designing and building Adriano Diamante one shoe at a time! Developing new designs and techniques to create more shoe options for clients.  Soon you will see some bridal shops carrying the Adriano Diamante bridal collection in store. And we are now in the process of scouting a location for Adriano Diamante’s first flagship store. The best advice I can give to anyone inspiring to be their own boss is NEVER get into starting a business solely for the money. Find something that you LOVE to do, then find a way to give it to others; it is the PASSION that will ultimately lead to the success in your business. 

Adriano Diamanter by Luxury Shoe Designer Nicole Miller 

These dazzling shoes are truly spectacular! Nicole has designed custom shoes for many of my bride's for their wedding day and formal events. Being the "bling" girl that I am I too have an addiction to her stunning shoes!!

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