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John A Cook " Grooms Concierge" featured article "Spoiler Alert" for Grooms Online

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Grooms Spoiler Alert

Written by Mark   www.
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 13:24
By John A Cook Groom Concierge

Grooms want to be involved with the wedding planning process! But only a few want to be committed to every single aspect. In all of my years as a husband to a wedding planner there has only been one groom that was on every single conference call. Don't worry I won't give out your name. Nor will I name the pro athlete grooms that found us on Platinum Weddings!

The majority of grooms are interested in the following items and could pretty much gloss over the rest!!
Food! Of course, this is a no brainer! Guys this is your time to put your "Man Stamp" on the wedding. Share your ideas and thoughts to your planner. She can help bring your craziest ideas to fruition and help it blend in with the rest of the menu or find a way to hide it!
Music! Time to break out those cd's ( do they still have those?) and go thru a time warp and relive those songs from your early days together. Bring back a couple of classics that will make her laugh or cry! Here's your chance to earn a few points by putting some time into it.
Cigar Roller! One of the coolest things you can have at your wedding. You get the most bang for your buck with this option. Besides some really cool photo's, this totally puts a "Man Stamp" on a normally girly event. Even if you don't smoke cigars, it's pretty cool to watch someone roll a cigar that is just for you and your guests. It will make it seem like you went all out even though it didn't cost that much. Remember if you don't have an outside area to smoke you can always wait to light up later or have the cigar roller package them for travel.
Vodka Ice Luge! Another "Man Stamp" item! Another Platinum Wedding item that won't break the bank. Nothing gets the party going like food,

"Vodka Icebar
Another "Man Stamp Item" "]Vodka Icebar Another "Man Stamp" item![/caption]

music and alcohol. Throw in some shooters down an ice luge and you've got some great times!! If you wish to spend more there is always the whiskey bar sampler or ice bar with ice champagne buckets!
Suits/Tux! Your wedding photos are going to around for a long time. It amazes me to see so much thought, time and money put into the brides gown and most of the time little to none put into the grooms attire. "I will just rent a tux!" A rental seriously?? Think about it she's going to have hair & makeup professionally done plus on average she will spend $5000 on a gown and you're going to go rent a tux and show up? You don't have to be a metrosexual to see that the rental tux will fit you in the shoulders and nothing else. And nothing makes you feel like a $100 than rental shoes! Guys there are alternatives, buy a nice suit which you can do for less than a thousand dollars and you get to wear more than once. Change it up for the ceremony by adding a bow tie and vest.
"John A. Cook The Groom Concierge"]John A. Cook The Groom Concierge

Then remove both and maybe change your shirt for the reception. Most brides are opting for the dress change after ceremony. Now you can do the same with out breaking the bank.

Grooms, there are so many things you can bring to your wedding...or simply ask your wedding planner for ideas!!

John A Cook is married to a wedding planner that specializes in pro athlete weddings and events. In addition to providing his services as a Groom Concierge he is an avid golfer that uses any excuse to take a groom golfing...
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ameriie's wedding featured in Munaluchi bridal magazine on stands September 6th

Ameriie's rehearsal dinner at Viceory Anguilla, above (from left to right)  John A Cook & his wife Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook of Dream Design Weddings, Ameriie & her fiance Lennie Nicholson

The entire wedding will be featured in Munaluchi Magazine on news stands September 6th

Congratulations to Lennie & Ameriie Nicholson

Photo courtesy of Martha Ramirez of UDS Photo UDS Photo

For the complete story and Ameriie's wedding photos click on the link below

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Pint-Sized Spotlight Stealer...

But who said we're complaining? We've yet to meet a flowergirl who wasn't as (if not more!) excited than the bride for the upcoming wedding day.

Remember that moment you realized you wanted to be a bride and dreamt of your big day ever since? The magic and excitement for your upcoming wedding brings back all those whimsical moments of your big day as a little girl. Now, it’s your turn to make a new little princess start dreaming of her big day

A tender moment between Tiffany Nieves-Cook and her new stepdaughter Annelyse  |   The youngest members of the bridal party making their way down the aisle

But flower girls aren’t just about petite white ball gowns with a matching wedding color sash anymore. Texture, length, and silhouette are all factors in your modern day flower girl dress. Whether you want her to mimic your dress or not, there is plenty of room for this little girl to sparkle and shine.

Another Dream Design Bride Porsha loved the luxurious look of texture for her flower girl when she married ESPN analyst Kordell Stewart 

There also exists the bride who doesn’t want any one else in white or resembling a bridal gown. Totally normal- now in days designers even produce flower girl dresses to mimic the bridesmaids, allowing the young girl to feel that she is really part of the bridal party with the “big girls”.
The flower girl perfectly matched the bridesmaids at the Dream Design Wedding of Migdalia Sosa and former NFL player Marty Booker

Whether she drops petals, feathers, or our personal favorite (glitter!), this is bound to be a moment she never forgets. So don’t forget that special dress that she’s going to cherish forever just as you will your gown J
Happy Planning! -Elissa

All photos courtesy of Unique Design Studio

Monday, August 22, 2011

Tiffany Dream Designs the wedding of NFL Pro bowl WR Marty Booker & Migdalia Booker

Migdalia & Marty Booker's Wedding Dream Design Weddings by Tiffany Cook 
Dream Design Weddings by Tiffany Cook
Dream Design Weddings by Tiffany Cook
Dream Design Weddings by Tiffany Nieves-Cook now Tiffany Cook
8' tall Plexiglass seating chart by Natural Impressions
Tiffany of Dream Design Weddings custom menu cards from her Tiffany Couture by Natural Impressions Invitation line

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Booker!! 

For more of teh Booker wedding check out the video teaser at

Photos: UDS photo 
Venue: Fontainebleau Miami
Planning Decor lounge & Lighting: Tiffany Nieves Cook of Dream Design Weddings
Menus, table numbers Seating chart & favor boxes: Tiffany Couture by Natural Impressions

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Marty & Migdalia's Dream Design Wedding video sneak peek

My Wifey : Fontainebleau Miami Beach from DVP Studios on Vimeo.

For photos of Migdalia & Marty Booker's wedding click link below

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preview of WE TV's Platinum Weddings Planner Tiffany Nieves now Tiffany Cook's wedding to John Cook

An intimate peek into the April 2011 wedding of our very own WE TV's Platinum Weddings Planner Tiffany Nieves now Tiffany Cook's wedding to John Cook at the Fontainebleau Miami

More photos and video coming soon.

Tiffany Cook Dream Designs the St Regis Atlanta, Porsha & Kordell Stewart's wedding

A sneak peek at the wedding of Porsha & Kordell Stewart's wedding at the St Regis Atlanta 

Porsha + Kordell from Utopia video productions on Vimeo.

Congratulations Porsha & Kordell!