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Newest Housewife Porsha Stewart and her hubby ESPN analyst Kordell Stewart's Atlanta wedding by WE TV's Platinum Weddings Planner / Designer Tiffany Cook

Tiffany Nieves-Cook now Tiffany Cook was honored to plan & design the wedding of former NFL QB for the Steelers, Kordell Stewart and newest Housewife Porsha Stewart, granddaughter of civil rights activist, Hosea Williams in Atlanta. The wedding is featured in the
 2012 winter edition of Inside Weddings Magazine.

WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook featured in Inside Weddings Magazine for the Atlanta wedding of former NFL QB now ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart  to Porsha Williams 
now newest Housewife Porsha Stewart 
As a planner & event designer I have always loved my line of work, I feel honored to be such an integral part of our couples "big day". The connection you have with a bride while walking her through one of the biggest moments in her life is like no other. I shared some very special times with this particular couple, some of which while on my personal honeymoon (that one was for you Kordel ;-D and John says you still owe him a game of golf) I was elated when I received this note from my Atlanta bride 
Porsha Williams Stewart below.  
Porsha Stewart wrote: 
My experience during wedding planning with Tiffany Cook was so enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I have always heard horror stories about planning so I was expecting to have to do it all myself even with a planner. However, with Tiffany the process was just the opposite. I had no Idea the direction I wanted to go in with decor,  all I knew is I wanted fabulous and over the top luxury. After one meeting with Tiffany she completely captured my wedding dreams. Tiffany and her team created a fairytale better than I ever dreamed. From begining to end she was hands on with all my planning needs and unexcpetedly enough my emotional needs as well. Tiffany made sure I didnt have a worry. My only job was to enjoy the planning process and be a bride, and know this was a once in a lifetime chance to be a princess and marry my prince charming. (continued below bride's photo)

 The day of my wedding was soo relaxing yes relaxing Tiffany's team catered to my every need, I was treated like a queen. The Glam sqaud was very proffesional and super fun I will forever use them for every event. If I must say so my self I looked gorgeous, lol. When Tiffany showed Kordell and I the room for the big reveal I was Floored! All of my emotions were summed up in one tear because Tiffany and her team had made my dreams come true with extra bling on top instead of a cherry. My reception room was fabulous the colors and lighting we chose and design of the space was absolutly perfect for making my husband and I center of attention. The Bling factor was in full effect, it seemed like the room was showered in diamonds and beautiful plush fabrics, with elegant modern touches throughout. My husband Kordell and I loved how every part of our wedding was executed and are quick to refer anyone who wants to get married to Tiffany Cook.  
Thank you Tiffany Cook & Dream Design Weddings!!  MMMwhah;-) Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart 
Porsha Stewart pre ceremony. Wedding planned and designed by Tiffany Cook

Porsha Williams now Porsha Stewart, wedding planned and designed by Tiffany Cook

Groom Former NFL QB Kordell Stewart

Custom built Illuminated bling ceremony platform by Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings for
Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart's weddingwedding planning, design, and decor Tiffany Cook

The happy newlyweds Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha Stewart the newest Housewife
wedding planning and design 
by Atlanta's top Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings
 Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha Stewart wedding by Tiffany Cook
Housewife Porsha StewartKordell Stewart's cocktail reception at the St. Regis Atlanta by
 Celebrity Wedding Planner & Designer Tiffany Cook

Custom Illuminated bling sweetheart table designed & created by Tiffany Cook. The wedding of  Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams now Porsha Stewart 
Wedding reception room reveal for Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha Stewart 
Pictured above with WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" Celebrity planner Tiffany Cook

of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings
Tablescape for Porsha Stewart & former NFL QB now ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart's wedding at St Regis Atlanta by Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings , formerly Tiffany Nieves-Cook

Wedding reception design, decor, lighting and lounge by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings for former NFL QB now ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart & his wife 
Porsha Stewart 
Illuminated table number custom created for Porsha Stewart & hubby Kordell Stewart's wedding by
Tiffany Cook 
First dance for the happy couple former NFL QB Kordell Stewart and his wife Porsha Stewart wedding planning and design by Tiffany Cook 

Tiffany Cook's signature bling monogram created for Porsha Stewart and Kordell Stewart's wedding 
by Tiffany Cook
Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart's stunning wedding cake by Celebrity Cake Master Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes - wedding and design by Tiffany Cook 
Porsha Stewart & Kordell Stewart's wedding by Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings Tiffany Nieves-Cook

 Room decor & Design of Kordell Stewart and Porsha Stewart's wedding by Tiffany Cook of
Dream Design Weddings & Tiffany Cook Events

Wedding of Former NFL QB  Kordell Stewart wedding Planned & Designed by Tiffany Cook 

The Dream Design Wedding of Former NFL QB  Kordell Stewart to Porsha Williams Stewart. 
Wedding planning, decor & design
 by Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events &Dream Design Weddings

Wedding of Former NFL QB  Kordell Stewart to Porsha Williams now Porsha Stewart.
Wedding planning, decor & design
 by Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events &Dream Design Weddings 
Porsha Stewart and her husband Kordell Stewart wedding planning & design by
Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
 of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings

Congratulations to Kordell & his wife 
Porsha Stewart!! We wish you a lifetime of happiness, love and laughter!
Sincerely Tiffany Cook

Photogrpahy: Martha Ramirez UDS Photo
Video: Luis Torres Utopia Video
Wedding Planning & Design: Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings
Gown: Kenneth Pool from Chic Parisien Miami
Cake: Celebrity Cake Master Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecakes & Cakes
Decor, Lighting, Lounge: Tiffany Nieves-Cook Events- Dream Design Weddings
Tablescape & Flowers:  Richard of Joy Wallace Flowers & Tiffany Nieves-Cook 
Venue: St Regis Atlanta

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Getting married on location can be a dream, but can a destination wedding be a reality? Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook gives expert advice on destination weddings

Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook offers advice on Destination wedding planning for Philly publication 
Getting married on location can be a dream, but can a destination wedding be a reality? WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings & Mindy Weiss give you the skinny on the pros of destination weddings

Exotic nuptials a dream or a reality?Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2012 3:17 pm
Getting married on location can be a dream, but can a destination wedding be a reality?
Wedding experts say destination "I do's" happen a lot and emphasize they're not that tough to organize.
"This year, I've had 21 destination weddings," says Mindy Weiss of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants and author of "The Wedding Planner & Organizer." "I've never done so many in one year. This was the year they all wanted to go away."
According to The Wedding Report, a group that tracks wedding statistics and does market research for the wedding industry, its most recent figures on the trend show there were 259,000 destination weddings in 2008 with a value of $2.49 billion.
Why, Where and When
Most brides and grooms who want a destination wedding know their choice from the start.
"It's like the gown," explains Tiffany Cook of Dream Design Weddings & Events. "When they find 'that' property, they know it."
The appeal of a destination wedding can range from the need for privacy to an urge for a romantic getaway.
Weiss says couples are always passionate about the destination. For example, when Weiss' clients singer Katy Perry and actor Russell Brand wanted to tie the knot in India, they did so "because it meant something to them."
The Wedding Report says top destination wedding locations include the Bahamas and places in the Caribbean, especially Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.
"The Caribbean is still hot and hip," says Cook, whose clients often choose destination locales such as St. Croix, St. John, St. Barts, the Antilles and St. Maarten.
Many West Coast couples choose to marry on location in Mexico or Hawaii. New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles are popular destination wedding cities in the continental U.S.
Typically, destination weddings happen on weekends from Thursday to Sunday or Monday. Some destinations, including Hawaii, are year-round choices, but others can be too hot, such as Mexico in July, or prone to stormy weather, like the Bahamas during hurricane season.
Guest List
Guests often love a getaway wedding because it's a built-in vacation.
One of Weiss' recent weddings had a large guest list — 175 New Yorkers who traveled to Lanai, Hawaii, for the wedding.
While most destination weddings are smaller, with a range from 40 to 60 guests, taking care of these guests is a major priority.
"You're not only planning a wedding, but you're planning a trip and planning for all your guests," says Weiss. "Everyone becomes an out-of-town guest."
Keep those guests happy with lots of activities.
"It's a lot of entertaining," says Weiss, noting how many destination weddings include a Thursday welcome party, a Friday rehearsal dinner, the wedding on Saturday and a brunch on Sunday.
Give guests welcome bags, as well as a very detailed itinerary that explains what's happening and when and whom to contact if a guest has questions.
And remember that just because the wedding is a getaway doesn't mean it's a casual affair. Most destination weddings have a dress code of at least cocktail attire, while some destination nuptials are formal black-tie events.
The cost of a destination wedding can vary, depending on whether or not you cover some or all of your guests' expenses. For example, some brides pay for their bridesmaids' rooms, and others cover the bill for all of their guests' accommodations. Still, brides and grooms are not required to pay their guests' tabs.
Destination Details
Planning a destination wedding generally doesn't take much more time than planning a local wedding.
"It's nice to have a year out," says Weiss. "Do a save-the-date, and be kind to guests."
Be kind to yourself, too, by taking Cook's advice and hiring a planner. "Planning can be nerve-racking," she says. "A seasoned wedding planner can make your life so much easier and better if you're having a destination wedding."
Cook says she typically scouts a property online and figures out whether the venue's style and price points are a match for the couple. Before a hiring decision is made, she and the couple travel to the destination to do a walk-through and firm up the plans.
Another important consideration is handling the legal details of a marriage ceremony and the license.
"I work with the property and work with local officials," says Cook. "There has to be an officiant from the local area who presides over the ceremony, and the license is handled at that location."
When it comes to hiring wedding vendors, some couples choose vendors near the destination spot, whereas others hire vendors from home and fly them to the wedding site.

SAVE THE DATE!! WE TV's Platinum Weddings Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook set to speak at ABC Miami January 31st

WE TV's Platinum Weddings Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook scheduled to speak at ABC- MIami LNG

Congratulations on your engagement to our Dream Design Couple

It was 48 hours of power planning "Tiffany Style" this week with Dream Design stunning bride  her sister and Mother of the bride. These fabulous ladies kept up and didn't miss a beat! Venue, gown, photo & video all in two days!!! I can't wait to see this amazing wedding come together. Check back for more updates!

Dream Design Weddings by Tiffany CookLas Vegas wedding  couple 

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Former NFL QB Kordell Stewart and Porsha Williams Stewart's Dream Designed Wedding featured by Inside Weddings Magazine planned & designed by "Platinum Weddings" Planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook

What a great way to start 2012! Our Dream Designed Atlanta wedding of former NFL QB now ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart to Porsha Williams now Porsha Williams Stewart the granddaughter of civil rights activist Hosea Williams is featured in the popular national publication, Inside Weddings

I completely enjoyed planning and designing the wedding for this fabulous couple! Below are a few pages from the magazine, to see the balance of the 8 page spread, be sure to pick up a copy.

WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" Planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook featured in Inside Weddings Magazine for the Atlanta wedding of former NFL QB & ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart  to Porsha Williams  now 
Porsha Williams Stewart
Tiffany Nieves-Cook's Dream Designed fairytale Wedding for Porsha Williams Stewart and her husband former NFL QB Kordell Stewart now NFL Analyst for NBC featured in Inside Weddings Magazine

Porsha Williams Stewart pictured above wedding by WE TV's "Platinum Weddings" Planner Tiffany Nieves-Cook, wedding gown and veil Kenneth Pool from Catherine Fox Milian of Chic Parisien Miami 

Tablescape design and mirrored table tops by Tiffany Nieves- Cook in collaboration with  Joy Wallace for flowers and Nuage for linens
"Tiffany Couture" by Natural Impressions Menu Cards and illuminated table number used by former
NFL QB  / ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart's wedding to Porsha Williams featured in Inside Weddings Magazine 

Tiffany Nieves-Cook Events Atlanta wedding for former NFL QB & ESPN Analyst Kordell Stewart to Porsha Williams  now Porsha Stewart at the St Regis Buckhead