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A Destination Wedding for an amazing Monaco couple, Melissa & Dean by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

Talk about a destination wedding planning... this couple resides full time in Monaco yet had their amazing wedding in the states! So the majority of my planning was done with the bride & groom from afar yet it seemed as if we were sitting next to each other. Thank god for modern technology! 

What a fabulous couple! Friends and family flew in from all over the world for their 
Alice in Wonderland meets Midsummer Night's Dream destination wedding. The ceremony was held on a private beach with the most beautiful sky. 
This should be a hallmark card! Tiffany Cook Events Bride Melissa 
The gorgeous bride pre-ceremony! Calm Cool and collected as she should be!!
Tiffany Cook Events

Tiffany Cook Events

Tiffany Cook Events

Fantastic shots of the groom getting ready! Yes it is all about the bride, but you don't want to miss those special moments of your groom getting ready for the biggest day of his life!!
Tiffany Cook Events

The Groom Dean's custom suit by Thom Sweeney who has also made suites for 007 James Bond

The groom and his groomsmen pre-ceremony, calm, cool and collected as he should be!  Tiffany Cook Events

Spectacular beach ceremony decor by Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings

The couples custom monogram is a great way to personalize an outdoor space and becomes an element of decor
Tiffany Cook Events

The couples custom monogram is a great way to personalize an outdoor space and becomes an element of decor
Tiffany Cook Events
These stunning bridesmaids dresses were custom made by Gabriella Arango Couture
Another twist on the escort card table, make the table an element of decor and build around it and the escort cards become keepsakes
Tiffany Cook Events
A garden twist on escort cards by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook

A modern twist to a garden space creates a bit of a whimsical look and another personal touch with the monogram
Tiffany Cook Events

From a design aspect this wedding was extra fun, being able to create something glamorous yet fun and whimsical was a blast. Using Astro Turf (yes I said Astro Turf) to cover the entire ballroom floor was a career first, but in the end it created the color contrast & impact I was looking for!

Destination wedding planning, design & decor by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
Wedding planning & design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
Wedding planning & design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
To create the stunning design for this reception and customize the look I mixed all types of furniture from the custom acrylic tables we manufactured to mirrored and white tables along with a mix of seating options with chairs and banquette sofas.

A sheik destination wedding by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

Wedding planning & design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

Wedding planning & design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

I love using a mix of textures, centerpieces, and design elements while staying cohesive with color. Wedding design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
Stunning wedding decor elements by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

A whimsicle rustic yet sexy and elegant moss tablesscape by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook /

Wedding design and planning by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook /

Wedding design and planning by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook /

These mirrored tables added the perfect touch to the mix of textures in the room! Wedding design and planning by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook /
Who says you can't mix moss and crystals together, they worked perfectly for our custom table name design. The mix of these elements that you would not normally see together helped create the elegance and whimsy of this wedding design. I love using mixes of textures.
Wedding design and planning by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook /
People often ask me what was the most challenging request or the most difficult to deal with for which I rarely have an answer because it is my job to tackle the challenges and deal with difficult. This particular groom put me to the test, he anted to book mLionel Richie for a suprise concert at the wedding. Not a stretch given my background and the amount of celebrity talent I have booked and produced entire concerts for, it was keeping it a secret from his bride. Keeping the secret part wasn't the challenge, but disguising the amount of time it took me to pull off and execute this fabulous surprise for the bride was the challenge. In the end with some creative side stepping (big smile) and a ver funny family friend we were able to completely surprise the bride & the wedding guests with a fantastic concert!

This extremely brave and funny friend of the couple pretended to take the mic and start signing the most awful rendition of a lionel Richie song to which I pretended to try to coax him off stage much to the brides dismay. In the smoothest of transitions flawlessly executed, thanks to my husband John Cook Lionel Richie took the stage right on queue.

Lionel Richie takes the stage for a surprise wedding performance for a Tiffany Cook bride

Clearly the bride was surprise. Tiffany Cook Events

Love the look o the grooms face when he sees that his planned worked exactly as he wanted. A very happy and very surprised bride. Tiffany Cook Events
Lionel Richie performing for the very happy bride & groom!! Wedding planning by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook

Tiffany Cook custom manufactured chandelier cake table and a stunning crystal wedding cake designed by
Tiffany Cook but brought to life by Dominique's Couture Cakes

The stunning after party for the Monaco bride & groom. Designed & planned by
Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook
Parisian & Latin Pastries favorites of both the bride & groom as favors for the guests
Tiffany Cook Events 

What after party would be the same without the bride changing into a spectacular 2nd gown. She looked absolutely gorgeous! Wedding planned & design by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

The amazing vendors:
Planning and design: Tiffany Cook of Tiffany Cook Events & Dream Design Weddings
Photography: Martha Ramirez of Unique Design Studio
Lighting and decor: Dream Design Decor
Flowers: Dream Design
Video by:

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A Paris Proposal Love Story, John & Tiffany Cook

The love story of John Cook's Paris proposal to Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Nieves now Tiffany Cook in a french film produced for their wedding. The film was a produced by Tiffany Cook in collaboration with Luis Torres of Utopia VP. This film was the perfect way to share the magic of our Paris Love story with our wedding guests, a true fairytale beginning.


cinematography by:

John & Tiffany Cook romantic  engagement video shoot in Paris by Utopia VP

A Paris proposal love story,  John & Tiffany Cook
John Cook & his wife Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook in Paris
For more on their proposal story check out

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Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook Inducted into The Knot's The Best of Weddings HALL OF FAME

After 7 years of winning the Knot's "Best Of Weddings" since it's inception and consistent
amazing wedding reviews Tiffany Cook

of Dream Design Weddings has been inducted into the Knot's Hall of Fame!
Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook Inducted into The Knot's The Best of Weddings HALL OF FAME

To see more of Tiffany's stunning work and see real bride reviews visit the sites below.

A sneak peek at Falcons WR Harry Douglas & his beautiful wife Kierra's Atlanta wedding by Celebrity Planner Tiffany Cook

Video by Iris Films

Wedding Planning & design: Tiffany Cook

Venue: 200 Peachtree

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CBS Atlanta gets Tailgating tips from Celebrity Event Planner Tiffany Cook

Who says Tailgating can't be creative and upscale. Celebrity Event Planner & Luxury Lifestyle expert Tiffany Cook shares her tips to "Elevate Your Tailgate" with CBS Atlanta

For more wedding, event, & party ideas visit:

Newest Housewife Porsha Stewart's Heartfelt Wedding Review of Tiffany Cook Wedding Planning

 Porsha Stewart's Wedding Review of Tiffany Cook
 Atlanta's Celebrity Wedding Planner

My experience during wedding planning & design with Tiffany Nieves-Cook 
now Tiffany Cook was so enjoyable, relaxing and fun. I have always heard horror stories about planning so I was expecting to have to do it all myself even with a planner. However, with Tiffany the process was just the opposite. I had no Idea the direction I wanted to go in with decor, all I knew is I wanted fabulous and over the top luxury. After one meeting with Tiffany she completely captured my wedding dreams. Tiffany and her Dream team created a fairytale wedding better than I ever dreamed. From beginning to end she was hands on with all my planning needs and unexpectedly enough, my emotional needs as well. Tiffany made sure I didn’t have a worry. My only job was to enjoy the planning process and be a bride, and know this was a once in a lifetime chance to be a princess and marry my prince charming.

The day of my wedding was so relaxing, yes I said relaxing. Tiffany and her  team catered to my every need, I was treated like a queen. The Glam squad was very professional and super fun I will forever use them for every event.

When Tiffany showed Kordell and I the room for the big reveal I was Floored! All of my emotions were summed up in one tear because Tiffany Cook had made my dreams come true with extra bling on top instead of a cherry. My reception room was fabulous the colors and lighting we chose and design of the space was absolutely perfect for making my husband and I center of attention. The Wedding Bling factor was in full effect, it seemed like the room was showered in diamonds and beautiful plush fabrics, with elegant modern touches throughout.

My husband Kordell and I loved how every part of our wedding was executed and are quick to refer anyone who wants to get married to Tiffany Cook.  

Thank you Tiffany & the Dream team!!  

Porsha Stewart Kordell Stewart 

OMG Las Vegas signature room reveal by Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

Wedding Planning, Design & Decor: Tiffany Cook

Video by : Terrence Lighten of Lighten Films

Wedding Venue: Encore Hotel Las Vegas


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NFL TE Jared Cook & his wife Lana's wedding review of Tiffany Cook

Lana & husband NFL Rams TE Jared Cook 
wedding review for Tiffany Cook
 Celebrity Wedding Designer & Planner 

Tiffany Cook and her team are hands down amazing!  

I had so many things going on and there was no way that I could plan our wedding alone. So I reached out to Tiffany about three months before our wedding and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made. When I say her and her team made my dreams come true I mean I still feel like I'm dreaming! Every time I look at pictures of our wedding tears come to my eyes because it was so beautiful. 

Words cant express how much I appreciate and admire Tiffany. She is extremely professional and pays attention to detail like no one I've ever met.  I have a semi type A personality and it was extremely hard for me to allow someone to plan our special day for us...but Tiffany understood me and my vision and went above and beyond. She included me in every decision and made me feel like I planned our day when Lord knows she did all the hard work.  

For her and her team to be able to pull off my dream wedding in such a short period of time shows how amazing she is. It feels weird not talking to Tiffany everyday because I really feel like she was not only my planner but a great friend. She's such a sweet, understanding, caring, thoughtful person. I really feel like anyone who doesn't hire Tiffany and her dream team are selling themselves short. She made every single one of my dreams come true and then some. I still get calls and texts about how beautiful my wedding was and how they have never seen a wedding as amazing as 
mine not even onTV. 

 I can't say it enough TIFFANY IS AMAZING!  

Lana & Jared Cook

Destination Puerto Rico Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook visits the St Regis Bahia Beach

My husband John & I were recently invited by Starwood Caribbean properties to stay, play, and tour two of their fabulous Resorts in Puerto Rico. Below we will walk you through our thoughts and experiences at these fantastic venues so you too can share in our experience from a personal and wedding and event business perspective.

Our first thought is why Puerto Rico? True it's a commonwealth of the US, but what else does it have to offer? You land into San Juan to the usual hand clapping, but thats where the usual ends! You're immediately greeted by your St Regis concierge. He grabs your bags and your off! The Bentley is comfortable and inviting, the drive through the city begging you to get into island time. As we explore the country side on our way to the resort, the chauffeur points out landmarks and explains how we are intertwined to the mainland. Upon arriving to the private resort we are immediately greeted by our client rep and of course Island Punch! As you walk over the native island wood bridge you feel as though you've been transported to another world. The staff at the St Regis Bahia Beach treat every single guest as though they are royalty!  As in the States, and abroad at St Regis no detail is overlooked! Their attention to detail and the ability to provide 5 star service is evident from the moment you walk through the doors. 

Destination wedding & event property St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

St Regis lobby area 

Poolside at the St Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico where John & Tiffany Cook enjoyed frozen drink and
fun in the sun

Be sure to try the Churrasco Pizza poolside it is to die for!! 

Beautiful beach St Regis Bahia Beach

Once you've finished your local rum punch, it's time for the butler to show you to your suite. Upon your arrival you will notice the large accommodations and attention to detail. From the fully automated controls to the MASSIVE rain shower! Thank You St Regis! 

The living room area of our stunning suite at the St Regis Puerto Rico

You couldn't ask for more when it comes to the spacious luxury bathroom in our suite!! 

Reminder that noise you hear is the local frogs called the Coqui, NO the hotel can't turn them off! The St Regis prides itself on protecting and encouraging the growth of local wildlife and vegetation. Think of it as a true rain forest experience but with St Regis service!!

Balcony off the living room of our suite at the St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

Celebrity Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook at the St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

As a wedding and event planner I love what this property has to offer! The ability to offer almost everything to my clients guests and keep them on property makes my job easier but allows me to know your guests are taken care of. 

It doesn't matter if it's sunrise yoga, a 10:00 tee time or a 12:30 couples massage! As a fitness buff, I love the ability to work out in a full gym, then hit the running trails or paddle boards and kayaks. There is something for everyone and of course St Regis service!  

They spoiled my husband John Cook with a day of golf overlooking the ocean and a great cigar
The spectacular views on the St Regis Bahia Beach Golf course 

While my husband John was golfing I enjoyed a fabulous morning at the spa before hitting the beach

For a fabulous breakfast & romantic dinner we dinned at Fern inside the St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

Celebrity Wedding & Event Planner Tiffany Cook & her husband John Cook at the St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

Some of the fabulous St Regis Bahia Beach Event spaces

This could be your ceremony or reception site for your amazing destination wedding or event, the Estate Lawn at the St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico. Truly spectacular!

St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico 

Another fabulous destination wedding or event site the Astor Terrace at St Regis Bahia Beach Puerto Rico

The beautiful Astor Ballroom at the St Regis Bahia Beach

The St Regis Bahia Beach is a magnificent location perfect for a spectacular destination wedding, anniversary, romantic honeymoon, corporate event, romantic retreat, or family vacation. We look forward to many events and visits to this very unique property.

Thank you again St Regis, Gerry Farulla
& Starwood Caribbean for the opportunity to visit your amazing Resort !!
John & Tiffany Cook

For more information on this fabulous property or having an event in paradise please visit