Monday, April 18, 2016

Sneak peek at the magical Earl Thomas wedding as marries his true love Nina Baham-Heisser

Out of tragedy comes a real life fairy tale love story. Yesterday Seattle Seahawks Safety Early Thomas married his high school sweetheart Nina Baham- Heisser in at a castle Houston. Recently dubbed King Earl Thomas the III & his Queen Nina Thomas tied the knot Saturday at a wedding fit for a King & Queen and their little princess of course. 

Earl Thomas wedding ceremony photo of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas with their daughter
the couples Houston wedding was designed and planned by NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook

 Earl Thomas wedding ceremony where the couple wow their guests with a magical evening starting with this beautiful ceremony. His stunning bride Nina and their daughter wore matching gowns and King Earl Thomas III made a regal entrance in his cape and crown. The couples wedding was planned & designed by NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook who also did the couples stunning engagement party last year.

A sneak peek of the gorgeous wedding decor for the Earl Thomas wedding
by #NFL Wedding planner Tiffany Cook who designed
and planned the lavish wedding for
Nina and Earl Thomas in Houston wedding at Chateau Cocomar #4everENlove2016 photo courtesy of
While Earl did in fact marry his high school sweetheart most are unaware the couple met due to a devastating tragedy. The couple met in 2005 when hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and Nina & her family were forced to evacuate the city. Nina's family could not return to their home in New Orleans which was destroyed by the hurricane. The family made Orange Texas their new home where Nina enrolled in West Orange - Stark high school where  Earl attended high school and where they met and fell in love. After years of dating in high school, college and through his NFL career Earl surprised Nina and proposed during his football camp in 2015. 

Earl's surprise proposal courtesy of Nina's IG

Nina the blushing bride was ready to start planning immediately and chose none other than NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook for the planning design and production of their engagement party and wedding. Below is an early planning post from Nina's Instagram

Nina Baham-Heisser planning photo with Tiffany Cook as they engage in some destination wedding power planning for her wedding to Earl Thomas.
Below are a few more steak peek photos go their spectacular wedding

The glowing bride Nina along with the couples daughter and her bridesmaids #4everENlove2016

Pre wedding photos of King Earl Thomas III and his groomsmen including
some of his NFL buddies Jamaal Charles, Kam Chancellor, Ron Parker and Earl's agent David Mulugheta #4everENlove2016

Spectacular wedding cake and cake table for Nina & Earl Thomas wedding by Tiffany Cook
& Jackson & Company catering #4everENlove2016

The beautiful Nina & Earl Thomas wedding reception design and decor by Tiffany Cook The couples wedding was truly a fairy tale! #4everENlove2016
Photo from Seattle Safety Earl Thomas wedding- left to right
King Earl Thomas the III his bride Nina Thomas NFL Wedding Planner Tiffany Cook with her husband John Cook

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas we know you will stay
 4everENlove and wish you a lifetime of happiness!! 
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