Saturday, July 24, 2010

Finding the perfect wedding gown "Tiffany Style"

When I started thinking about my wedding I knew John, my hubby-to-be and I, wanted it to be a formal wedding. When it came to my gown style, I had no clue what I wanted for myself. I have spent years guiding my clients through this process, helping them find the perfect gown, yet I sat clueless as to where to start. Not sure why when it came to myself, my IQ seemed to plummet. I mean for God's sakes this should be second nature. Then it dawned on me, if I had my planning hat on, I would have suggested to the client that she start with tear sheets and that is exactly where I started. I browsed magazines and web sites, which quickly gave me an idea of the style that I wanted. Now armed with my ideas, it was time to put myself in the hands of the gown professionals that I use for my clients, Chic Parisien.

I made the appointment a little earlier in the planning process than I might have suggested for my brides. I was sure that this would be a difficult task for me, and that it would take me several visits to find my wedding gown. One of my best friend's, Astrid Plantz, was also moving out of the country. Knowing that this might be the only time she would be able to accompany me with any of my planning, we made a day of it. Astrid and I, along with another of my best friend's started my gown mission. We were greeted upon arrival by Catherine Fox Milian (Chic's owner), who quickly brought us Bellinis to enable me put on my bride hat, which I might add, was still a little surreal at this point. I took a peek at some of the gowns in the store, told Catherine my thoughts regarding style, and she went to work.

When she returned, she had about 6 or 7 gowns for me to try. A few of them, I may never have chosen to try on my own. Each one was even more beautiful than the previous. I tried everything from full ballgowns to mermaid gowns, "A- line" gowns to "the style that I requested".

They were all fantastic, but I was waiting... waiting for "IT". That magic moment I always tell my brides about, that moment when you know you found the one. Then it happened, as I tried on one of the last gowns that Catherine brought in for me, she slipped it over my head, and carefully pulled the dress over my hips, I looked up and I knew...I had found "IT"!!! I was transformed from the poised demure wedding planner, to a misty eyed school girl, who could easily have done the happy dance down Miracle Mile!!! It was that moment, that I felt like a bride for the first time! I could envision walking down the aisle in this gown (or a version of this gown, in my case) to the loving arms of my dashing groom. It suddenly all became real...I am getting married!!

Catherine put a few gowns together on one of the models, to give me an idea of what my actual gown would look like. I was sooo excited!! A few weeks later, my sample gown arrived. I went in with my daughter Bella to try it on. I was a bit nervous, but it was even more stunning than I had imagined. Yes, I was the misty eyed school girl all over again. Bella made a few suggestions to add more "Tiffany Style" to the gown. My measurements were taken and I did it... I ordered my dream gown!!