Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Happily Ever After Made Possible...

After over two decades of planning weddings and events I have a repertoire of cute stories, blunders, and behind the scenes events to tell. I am often asked "what is the worst thing that has ever happened at a wedding" or "what was your biggest challenge". My answer to that question is, anything that can go wrong will, but as a seasoned planner my job is to have the foresight to avoid such problems before they happen, and put out the fires when they happen so that the bride never knows that there were any issues to solve, ensuring that her day is flawless.

This one in particular made me smile, My April 24th bride was upgraded from her regular room to the Penthouse suite a few nights before her wedding, her veil was lost somewhere in transit. I received a tearful, frantic call from the bride the morning of her wedding. After having the hotel contact the bellman who moved the bride, house keeping etc. the veil was nowhere to be found. I called my friends at Chic Parisien Bridal where my bride originally purchased her gown and her veil, I explained the situation, and asked as a favor to me, to borrow a veil from their inventory that was the same or similar to my clients veil. After determining that they had nothing in stock to match, in under an hour they custom made my client a new veil and had it ready for my assistant to pick up hours before the ceremony, in time for the brides getting ready photo's.

When the veil arrived I brought it up to the bride's honeymoon suite, gave my bride a kiss on the cheek, handed her the gift bag containing her veil as a wedding gift from Chic Parisian and Dream Design. When she opened the bag and saw that we had custom made her exact veil the morning of her wedding she was astonished and elated. Her happy tears and the smile on her face was priceless, moments like these make my job even more rewarding.

A special thanks to Maureen & Katheryn at Chic Parisien for going over and above for one of my wonderful brides.

Just another happily ever after made possible by Dream Design Weddings.