Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tiffany of Dream Design Weddings on Preston Bailey's blog

 I stumbled across this article on Preston Bailey's blog this am while doing a quick google search. Needless to say, after screaming like a teenager who had
just seen Justin Timberlake I had goosebumps! Yes, the ever so cool, calm, and collected Tiffany had tears in her eyes like a silly school girl. This is truly an honor as I draw much inspiration from Preston Bailey.

I always look at planning as a talent from all angles: Timely Manner, Details, Education and Knowledge of the Bride and her Dreams(knowing you can make these dream reality) When it comes to a fabulous planner, Tiffany Nieves of Dream Design Weddings comes to mind. Not only has she been featured on many episodes of WEtv Platinum Weddings, but she also carries herself as one that you want to work with and to create everything you have ever imaged for your big day. She is precise and looking at her website with my morning coffee it only gives me inspiration to dream amazing thoughts from all avenues.
Looking forward to so many events with this amazing planner, makes my job easier!